Ucom Subscribers Will Benefit from the New Roaming Tariffs in USA


From April 26, 2017 Ucom’s mobile subscribers will enjoy new roaming tariffs when travelling in the United States of America. By joining AT&T, one of the US largest networks, the subscribers will benefit from 29 AMD/min tariff for outgoing and incoming calls to/from Ucom mobile network, as well as 29 AMD/MB instead of the previous 250 AMD.  

When calling to and receiving calls from AT&T network, as well as calling to and receiving calls from other USA networks and Canada, the subscribers will pay 59 AMD per each minute. 59 AMD/min tariff will apply to incoming calls from other networks, and SMS price is also 59 AMD. In case of calling other networks in Armenia and Artsakh the tariff of 120 AMD/min is applicable. The calls to CIS countries will cost 500 AMD/min, while other international calls will be charged as per 1500 AMD/min tariff.

Let us remind, that roaming service should be activated before departure from Armenia, by dialing *121# command.

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