From NIIT to the one history of India

There are hundreds pages of history evidencing friendship between Armenian and Indian people, and many facts supporting close relations and cooperation between two ancient civilizations, which always united and strengthened the ties between two brotherly countries and served basis for warm friendship. And it is no coincidence that every time, after victory against English people, Armenian flag was raised together with Indian in Agra; as symbol of Armenian-Indian joint struggle.

My perceptions about Indians and India would be probably limited with these historical records, if there was no this wonderful opportunity, which one day was also given to me with the help of ITEC /Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation/ Indian Government program.

This is a project, which gives opportunity to the management staff of different countries to acquire professional knowledge by studying in top Higher Educational Institutions of India. So one day I found myself in dreamlike India and I ''stopped'' in NIIT Institut. NIIT is a leading Global Talent Development Corporation, building skilled manpower pool for global industry requirements.

The company has today grown to be amongst world's leading talent development companies offering learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions across 40 countries. Hence, from the very first day it became clear, that my main goal to study in India will be definitely successful due to the wonderful management staff and qualified lecturers. ... And so I am in India, and more specifically, in ''Indira Gandhi'' International Airport of India.

The first thing that attracted me in this country was humanity, hospitality and inner desire of Indian people to introduce national values. Each meeting in this country begins and ends with ''Namaste''. This greeting ritual has very great significance in Indian culture, but in this case along with ''Namaste'' it was also pronounced ''Salam'', ''Hello'', ''Bonjour'', ''Hola'', ''Salom'', and finally ''Barev'', since tens of very warm people were gathered under the warm roof of NIIT from 4 parts of the world /Africa, America, Asia, Russia/, each with its country's color, culture and customs. As a result, the large family lived together side by side, in peace and harmony for two months continually. The family had already a name: NIIT family.

What gave me this family? Perhaps everything: good friends, sweetest memories, unique opportunity to learn about Indian and other cultures, knowledge, experience, skills and of course, unique opportunity to introduce Armenian people and everything Armenian to other countries. Now I am already in Armenia, but my thoughts are still soaring in Agra, where there was the first Armenian colony, in Jaypur where I left colors of Holly, in Delhi , the streets, shops and markets of which I already knew by heart, and where Indian fairy tale of my life began and ended. Yes, fairy tale was ended, but there are names that I still keep in my mind… Ravi Malhotra, Priya Gupta, Neel Mani, Prabhat Sighn, Lyka Malik and other 40 names of wonderful people, who are my friends today, tomorrow and forever. And if one day somebody asks me the address of knowledge and happiness, I'll answer without hesitation; "The address remains unchanged: India, Delhi, NIIT family ".

Lilit Ghazaryan


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