July13 , 2024

Debut Author Stephen M Ricketts Unveils Enchanting Children’s Fantasy Tale: “What a Strange World”


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Debut Author Stephen M Ricketts Unveils Enchanting Children’s Fantasy Tale: “What a Strange World”

ALDERSHOT, HAMPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, October 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Esteemed debut author Stephen M Ricketts is set to captivate readers of all ages with his enchanting new book, “What a Strange World.” Scheduled for imminent release, this children’s fantasy story promises to transport readers to a realm of wonder and mystery.


In the heart of a dense forest, young Steve embarks on a captivating journey that transcends the ordinary. A chance discovery of a mysterious glowing hole leads him to a tunnel adorned with inexplicable shiny objects. As he brings back a peculiar globe, Steve unwittingly introduces tiny inhabitants into his world.

These miniature beings find themselves navigating the unfamiliar landscape of Steve’s reality. However, an unexpected intrusion by a curious cat sets off a chain of events, sending their globe spinning uncontrollably. The pivotal question emerges: is this feline visitor the key to their safe return home, or does it signify a deeper, more profound mystery?

Steve’s room transforms into a battleground of worlds, leaving lingering questions hanging in the air. Can these two realms coexist peacefully, or is there a secret yet to be unveiled? The journey unfolds, shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, promising readers a spellbinding adventure that transcends generational boundaries.

About the Author:

Stephen M Ricketts, a name emerging on the literary scene, makes a remarkable debut with “What a Strange World.” With a passion for storytelling that transcends age, Ricketts weaves a tale that sparks the imagination and tugs at the heartstrings of readers young and old.


“What a Strange World” is poised for release, promising to delight readers with its imaginative narrative and compelling characters. Available soon at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble and other leading platforms.

About the Book:

Title: What a Strange World

Genre: Children’s Fantasy

Author: Stephen M Ricketts

Book Link: https://a.co/d/1I5oTfZ

Stephen M Ricketts
Wordsworth Writing House
+44 7511374647
[email protected]

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