May24 , 2024

Detroit Singer APROPOS to Release “Heartbreak” an Alternative Tempo To a Soulful Love Song


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Detroit Alternative Soul Music Artist, APROPOS

A Fresh New Sound In Music

New Release By APROPOS Image by “DarkLord” Escada Gordon

“Heartbreak” and Euro Remix hit all streaming platforms on Friday, as a fresh sounding love song with throwback, house & soulful flavors for true fans of music.

I don’t make music for the purpose of attaining the popular vote, I make music for people who have life experience that allow them to relate to the stories and themes in my songwriting.”


DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, February 14, 2024 / — Austin Dunsen ̶ professionally known as APROPOS  ̶  stretches the boundaries of music genres with a musical prowess ranging from soul to alternative.
But at the core, it’s all about creating quality, exciting, heartfelt music that connects with people in a way that moves them, says APROPOS.  
“I don’t make music for the purpose of attaining the popular vote, I make music for people who have life experience that allow them to relate to the stories and themes in my songwriting.”
APROPOS’ upcoming release, “Heartbreak,” produced by Detroit based musician Jake Bass ̶  a second-generation member of the legendary Bass Music family, known for their groundbreaking work with Eminem ̶ builds on his “category-bending” music, with an up-tempo love song. Aptly named after the song’s theme, “Heartbreak” is a rollercoaster ride on the emotional ups and downs of love and the second installment of a four-part series of carveout releases.  
“Shout out to Jeff and Mark Bass and thank you for everything, the recent music that I have been making with Jake is a little different from the more traditional but modern soul style of music that I have come to be known for, but it feels very natural to me,” says APROPOS.
The artist adds, “It really is an infusion of music styles that I personally listen to and admire for various reasons.  I love music whether it’s the arrangements of ‘80s artists like Tears for Fears, Flock of Seagulls and the Eurythmics or some of the great throwback, storytelling styles of ‘The Temps’ or Earth, Wind and Fire or the bluesy vocal textures of Sam Cook or even the creativity and wordplay from artists like Zelooperz and Bruiser Wolf. Hey listen, Great music is great music. Timeless music is timeless. Forget the categories.” 
February 16, 2024, is the official release date for “Heartbreak” and its European counterpart remix by Jay Soul, which will be streamed on all music platforms.  A live performance video shoot will take place on Saturday, February 17, 2024, during Happy Hour, at TV Lounge in Midtown Detroit, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. FREE admission and limited edition gifts available to the first 50 people. To attend, register at
The official video for “Heartbreak” is now streaming on YouTube.
Hailing from Detroit, APROPOS developed a passion for music early on. At just 7, he mastered the piano, composing his first classical piece by age 10. Son of a minister, he drew inspiration from gospel, rock, blues, and the Motown soul
APROPOS has received praise from the likes of Sir Elton John, Kem, and Allee Willis, and showcased his evolving artistry through collaborations with Dave Wilder, Talib Kweli, Jessica Care Moore, and Madlib, and many others.

In addition to Basement Sounds 2.0, APROPOS is partnered with longtime, well known Publicist Spencer Hayes and veteran Music Managers, Toya Hankins & Danny Love — known for their with with The Voice winner, Cam Anthony and Grammy Nominated Artists, KEM & Eric Benet.

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“Heartbreak” Video Directed by Nari Gardner and Cy Abdelnour

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