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DYU T1 electric Bike – Black Friday special, open a new chapter in smart mobility


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NETHERLANDS, November 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — As Black Friday approaches, consumers are increasingly looking forward to deals. As part of this global shopping carnival, DYU announced that it will introduce unprecedented discounts for its star product, the DYU T1 electric bicycle, making the dream of smart mobility a reality on this special day.

As a leading manufacturer of electric bicycles, DYU has long been an advocate and practitioner of smart and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. With its deep accumulation in the field of electric bicycles and the spirit of continuous innovation, the company has brought a series of high-quality cycling products to users around the world.

This Black Friday, DYU is offering a direct discount of up to €200 on T1 e-bikes. This unprecedented offer is designed to allow more consumers to enjoy the convenience and fun brought by DYU T1 electric bicycles.

The DYU T1 e-bike has become a popular choice in the market with its lightweight magnesium alloy material, welderless streamlined body, easy folding function and intelligent torque sensor technology. The arrival of Black Friday provides an excellent time to buy for consumers who love smart life.

Product highlights:
The perfect combination of power and efficiency: The DYU T1 electric bike’s powertrain is not only responsive, but also has a superior energy efficiency ratio. Its motor provides strong power while maintaining excellent battery life, making long-distance riding no longer an issue.

Intelligent control: Equipped with an advanced intelligent control system, the T1 can be set and monitored through a dedicated APP to provide a more personalized riding experience. Whether it’s speed setting, trip logging, or power monitoring, everything is under control.

Ideal for urban cycling: The T1 is designed to meet the demands of modern urban living. Its tire size and body proportions are carefully calculated to ensure that it can maneuver through the narrow Spaces of the city while maintaining a comfortable riding posture.

Elegant symbol of eco-friendly travel: With today’s emphasis on environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyles, the DYU T1 is not only a means of transportation, but also a manifestation of life attitude. Its low-carbon and environmentally friendly characteristics make every trip an environmentally friendly choice.

Details highlight quality: The DYU T1’s exquisite handling of details, such as seamless welding technology, precise component fit, and durable material selection, all reflect DYU’s strict requirements for quality and deep understanding of the rider experience.

Technical Specifications and advantages:
Maximum speed: 25 km/h, to meet the needs of urban cycling
Range: up to 55 km in auxiliary mode
Battery: Detachable 18650 lithium-ion battery for long-term use
Waterproof rating: IP54, suitable for various weather conditions

“Black Friday is the most exciting shopping time of the year, and we hope that with this special offer, more people can experience the charm of the DYU T1 e-bike.” It’s not just an opportunity to shop, it’s the start of a whole new way of life.” Adolfo Pezzuti Gallucci, Chief Marketing officer, DYU

DYU T1 electric bike’s Black Friday special is a sincere invitation for quality life seekers. Choosing the DYU T1 is not only choosing a high-performance electric bicycle, but also choosing a more intelligent and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Let’s embrace the new era of smart mobility this Black Friday.

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