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Everything Cooperative Shares First Annual Holiday List of Cooperatives to Support this Holiday Season


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A curated holiday list of services and brands advancing the cooperative business model to change lives

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, US, November 27, 2023 / — Radio One’s premiere talk radio station Everything Co-op is launching the First Annual Everything Cooperative Holiday List in time for the 2023 holiday season. For over 10 years, Vernon Oakes, Everything Co-op’s founder and host, has dedicated himself and the show to promoting the cooperative model to build economic resilience, expand employment, and provide dignity of work and home. It does this by highlighting and amplifying the work, products, and services of cooperatives, their members, and their allies.

This year Everything Co-op is proud to expand those efforts by offering a thoughtfully curated list of products and services from the cooperative community centered around five categories, each mirroring Vernon’s interests – Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, and Community. These categories embrace a wide variety of items that reflect the cooperative ethos of mutual support, sustainability, and community welfare.

Earlier this year the cooperative community was invited to help select the products and services they are passionate about and want to share. The extensive list has been voted on and narrowed down to 15 cooperatives that we hope consumers will support this holiday season.

Because co-ops are intentionally formed to solve community problems, individuals that work in the Co-op live in the community; then the wages, salaries and profit stay local and enliven the community. It’s a beautiful cycle that Co-op members are very proud of.”– Vernon Oakes, Everything.Coop.

Cooperatives help the economy and build a sustainable community by keeping money, resources, and jobs local while increasing the communities’ economic power. Cooperatives have the ability to create more jobs than a traditional business model, and they also ensure that wealth distributes more evenly.

When you support a cooperative you help to build a stronger community and to sustain that strength long term. Support your community by supporting a cooperative this holiday season. To learn more about Cooperatives listen to Everything.Coop on Apple Podcasts.

This year’s list includes the following great brands:
Pachamama Coffee
Palestinian Soap Cooperative
Boston Building Resources
Keystone Development Center
Radiate Consulting
Shared Capital Cooperative
Community Pharmacy Co-op
Equal Exchange
TPSS Co-op
Humanity @ Life & Work
Nina Collective
Worx Printing
Ujamaa Collective
The Raven’s Wing Magical Co-op Cleansing Sprays
Southside Food Co-op

About Everything Cooperative
Everything Co-op is a Talk Show that airs on WOL 1450 AM, Radio One’s premiere talk radio station. The primary purpose of the show is to share information about the cooperative movement, including how to form, manage and maintain cooperatives. Cooperatives have played a critical role in providing an opportunity for people or groups to leverage a large volume of products or commodities, which ultimately reduces cost and improves quality.. The objective of Everything Co-op is to share information with individuals that will empower them to either form their own cooperatives, or support cooperatives and other fair trade enterprises.

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