June16 , 2024

Fresh Release: Elemental Introduces New Splash Bottles Following the Iconic Pop’s Success


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Elemental Splash Water Bottles

Kid friendly Pop Fidget water bottles

Elemental, a pioneer in innovative drinkware solutions, proudly unveils the next evolution of the pop fidget water bottles. Building upon the success and popularity of the Iconic Pop series, Elemental has introduced a lighter version that retains all the style and fun elements while offering enhanced portability and functionality.

The Elemental Splash Bottles take inspiration from the trend-setting Iconic Pop series, known for its vibrant aesthetics and innovative design. With the new lighter version, customers can now enjoy the same sleek and trendy look of the Iconic Pop while experiencing added ease of use and convenience.

Key Features of the Elemental Splash Bottles:

  • Enhanced Portability: 2 times lighter, the Splash Bottles offer effortless handling and durability.
  • Cute and Vibrant Designs: The Splash Bottles feature lively colors and adorable patterns, perfect for kids looking to add a playful touch to their day, infusing every moment with cheer and fun.
  • Interactive Playfulness: Redefine fun with built-in Pop Fidget handles. These bottles engage kids beyond mere hydration, fostering creativity and serving as anxiety-relief tools while ensuring a playful experience.
  • New and Improved Lid: The Splash Bottles come with a redesigned, sturdier lid, specifically engineered to provide added security, making it ideal for use by kids and ensuring peace of mind for parents.
  • Competitive Versatility: Splash Bottles offer a range of functionalities at competitive pricing, outshining market rivals. From spill-resistant lids to vibrant styles, they provide value for multi-function hydration.

Seth Inyang, Co-founder at Elemental, shared insights on the impact of the Elemental Splash Bottles, stating, "The Elemental Splash Bottles represent a true game-changer for smart parents aiming to inspire healthy hydration habits in their kids. With vibrant designs and durability, they motivate kids to drink more water. It's not about function; it's about sparking healthy habits and making hydration fun."

The Elemental Splash Bottles signify our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By listening to our customers and improving on our popular Iconic Pop series, we have created a product that combines style, functionality, and enhanced usability.

About Elemental:

Established in 2016 by Vinh Lieu and Seth Inyang, Elemental is dedicated to crafting eco-friendly drinkware. We prioritize sustainability by using innovative practices and sustainable materials. Our goal is to create durable, functional products that echo our core environmental values.

For more information about the Elemental Splash Bottles or to explore partnership opportunities, please visit www.elementalbottles.com or contact [email protected].

Contact Information:
Gwen Nguyen
Marketing Director
[email protected]

Original Source: Fresh Release: Elemental Introduces New Splash Bottles Following the Iconic Pop's Success