July13 , 2024

Golden Puppies Donates Puppy as a Service Dog


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Golden Puppies Donates Puppy to be Trained as a Service Dog for Disabled Veteran

Golden Puppies, a Louisiana-based Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle breeder, announced an initiative of donating puppies to assist in service dog training programs. On September 13th, Golden Puppies donated one of their puppies to Donnie Fontenot, a father of two and a disabled veteran with service in both the Marine Corps and the Army, with deployments to Afghanistan.

Fontenot is an active volunteer for the Road Home Program, which works to bridge the gap between United States Veterans and the essential therapy they require. He connected with Golden Puppies’ owner and fellow veteran Victor McShan who invited Fontenot to visit the facility in 2023. He found Wrigley, a goldendoodle puppy, and immediately fell in love with him.

 “Since getting Wrigley, it has been life-changing,” says Fontenot. “He wakes me up from nightmares and helps regulate my anxiety when out in public.”

Wrigley is 8 months old and is away at Brewer’s Basic Obedience & Beyond, a dog training facility in Tickfaw, LA. The journey hasn't been without its challenges, including the time spent away from Wrigley during training sessions. Fontenot emphasizes the rewards, noting Wrigley's temperament and rapid progress in training–almost ready to pass the Good Citizen test. 

When asked if he could give any advice to those new to service dog training, Donnie was more than willing to share some from his experiences. He says, “Do your research on the trainers and/or nonprofits you are thinking of using. If you get a dog from a breeder, read reviews and ensure you’re using the right breeder. If you plan on rescuing from a shelter let the trainer or nonprofit help you pick out the dog. Not all dogs are cut out to be service dogs.”

Looking ahead, Donnie will continue to keep up with Wrigley’s training and is dedicated to helping other veterans throughout Louisiana and Texas who are training or looking to train service dogs.


For more information about Golden Puppies: 

Visit: https://www.goldenpuppies.com/ 

To contact Golden Puppies:

Victor McShan 

(985) 247-1987

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62037 Friendship Church Rd, Amite City, LA 70422, USA

Contact Information:
Victor McShan
Owner, Golden Puppies
[email protected]
(985) 247-1987

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