May24 , 2024

Introducing the LOOKAH Ant Wax Pen — The Mini Wax Pen That Packs a Punch


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LOOKAH Ant Wax Pen

Male vaping with a wax vape pen and exhaling a cloud of vapor

LOOKAH, a pioneering leader in the wax vape industry, announced the launch of its latest wax pen, the LOOKAH Ant. 

With a stylish design resembling a mini rocket ship, the 950mAh battery offers a powerful vaping experience that can last all day. 

The new vaporizer makes it easier than ever for enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite concentrates on the go. 

Featuring a user-friendly design with a simple one-button operation and digital display, the Ant wax pen offers three voltage settings — 3.2V, 3.6V, and 4.0V — for a customized experience. Using LOOKAH's 710 quartz coil series, there are plenty of options for flavor and vapor production. These quartz atomizers offer a purer taste and efficient extract vaporization.

The Ant vape pen is perfect for on-the-go sessions, with a magnetic snap-cap, silicon mouthpiece, and rugged metal body.

Plus, built-in alerts ensure safe operation with low-power, high-temperature, short-circuit, and open-circuit notifications.

With a USB type-C charging port and pass-through charging, the Ant vape can be used while it recharges. 

The kit comes with the Ant Wax Vape, two Quartz Atomizer Coils (Type D, 710 thread), a Dab Tool, and a User Manual.

"We created the LOOKAH Ant to give our customers a mini wax pen that doesn't compromise on performance," said James Mash, the Marketing Manager at LOOKAH. "Its compact size makes it perfect for vaping discreetly, but it produces vapor that rivals much larger devices. For those who want a stealthy wax pen without sacrificing vapor quality or battery life, the LOOKAH Ant is an ideal choice."

The Ant wax pen is now available for purchase on the LOOKAH website at and through select retailers.  

By embracing this innovative product, cannabis wax vaping enthusiasts can enjoy a futuristic experience that is unparalleled in both quality and affordability.

About LOOKAH: LOOKAH is a pioneering force in the extract vape industry, relentlessly pursuing excellence in quality, convenience, and affordability. Our mission is to provide consumers with the finest experience when enjoying cannabis extracts. LOOKAH combines art and function into fun beautiful designs like the LOOKAH Bear and Seahorse Pro Plus vapes. 

Contact Information:
James Mash
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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