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Leading Innovator in Medical Technology 2024: PathFree Technologies, Southern California


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AiMediQ AiCart Rendering

AiMediQ AiCart Rendering

AiMediQ AiCart Specs

AiMediQ AiCart Specs

MedTech CEO of the Year 2024, California: Perry M. Brunette

PathFree Technologies stands at the forefront of AI-driven healthcare innovation, transforming emergency medical care with the pioneering AiMediQ AiCart.”

— Acquisition International

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2024 / — In the realm of healthcare, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a monumental force, transforming patient data management and surgical assistance with robotics. At the forefront of these advancements is PathFree Technologies Corporation (PathFree), a pioneering American firm that integrates AI to enhance critical healthcare services. This article explores PathFree’s journey and the achievements of its CEO and co-founder, Perry M. Brunette, amidst their notable recognition in the Business Excellence Awards 2024.

The Genesis of PathFree

Initiated by Perry M. Brunette and Dr. Kongyuan He, a distinguished Chinese anesthesiologist holding numerous patents, PathFree began its mission in March 2021 with Brunette initially serving as CFO. His rapid ascent to CEO within nine months epitomizes his remarkable acumen and dedication. Brunette’s unique blend of expertise in finance, IT, and AI propels the company towards innovation, preparing it for sustainable growth in the ever-evolving medical sector.

Before his tenure at PathFree, Brunette amassed a wealth of experience in fundraising for various enterprises. He boasts an associate degree from the MBTI Business Training Institute, specializing in business, office automation, technology, and data entry, complemented by his service in the US Navy. Brunette credits his success to unwavering perseverance and his faith, which have been instrumental in fostering professional and personal relationships. Outside his professional sphere, he engages with the Pitchbook venture capital and private equity database and commits to community service.

The Team and Technology

PathFree is supported by Nectar and a team of exceptional engineers and researchers who transform imaginative concepts into tangible innovations, pushing AI boundaries in healthcare. Their collaboration with medical experts ensures that the technology remains relevant and user-friendly under stressful conditions.

Central to PathFree’s technological offerings is AiMediQ AiCart, an AI-based system designed to support medical response teams during critical emergencies like cardiac arrests. Revealed in 2023 and currently awaiting FDA approval, AiCart enhances resuscitation efforts, minimizing human error and potentially saving lives.

AiCart functions as a crucial decision-support tool, furnishing medical personnel with vital data and protocols during emergencies. By analyzing a variety of data points during resuscitation attempts, its machine learning algorithms can recommend optimal resuscitation strategies, improving patient outcomes significantly.

Core Values and Culture

PathFree’s ethos is built around five foundational values: Patient-First Innovation, Continuous Progress, Collaborative Impact, Efficient Compassion, and Fostering Brilliance. These principles guide the development of solutions that prioritize patient needs, embrace continuous technological advancement, foster collaboration, streamline healthcare processes compassionately, and nurture a culture of brilliance and innovation.

Looking Ahead

PathFree Technologies is excited to announce its innovative offering of up to 5 million shares of common stock to qualified investors under Regulation D, Rule 506(c), at $5.00 per share for a potential total of $25 million.

Investors buying shares can also opt to purchase additional warrants, with each share allowing for the acquisition of up to four warrants at $1.25 each. These warrants can be exercised at $1.75, providing an effective share price of $3.00 once exercised.

The warrant program includes tiers based on the minimum number of shares purchased, with 20,000 shares allowing for up to four warrants per share, averaging a $3.40 share price upon full warrant exercise, and 100,000 shares allowing for up to five warrants per share, averaging a $3.33 share price upon full exercise.

Prospective investors should review the benefits and risks of the warrant program and consult the full offering memorandum for detailed terms and conditions. A full offering memorandum is available upon request.

PathFree is not only pioneering in AI-driven medical devices but also setting benchmarks in the medical device industry with its inclusive, dynamic, and intellectually stimulating work environment. The anticipation for expanding their product line, including AiMediQ AiMini and MobileER, showcases their commitment to addressing diverse medical emergencies and improving global emergency response capabilities.

As PathFree ventures into 2024 and beyond, its focus remains on refining AiCart, achieving commercial success through FDA clearance, and continuing to innovate at the intersection of AI and healthcare. With a vision to broaden its impact globally, PathFree stands at the cusp of revolutionizing emergency medical care with AI.

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