July13 , 2024

Level 3 Audiovisual Helps Businesses Improve Productivity and Collaboration to Optimize Current Work Environment, From Remote to In-Office


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Level 3 Audiovisual offers AV solutions tailored to new work environments that optimize meeting experiences for remote, hybrid, and in-office employees.

As organizations welcome employees back into the office, many are transitioning from traditional workplace designs to new concepts designed to foster cooperation and are developing insights into productivity. Level 3 Audiovisual, a leading AV systems integrator, is steering this transformative journey in collaboration with partners like Crestron, a global leader in workplace collaboration technology, providing AV solutions that help retain the advantages of remote and hybrid work while restoring productivity lost during the pandemic.

New open-concept layouts, with additional collaborative spaces, offer flexibility while promoting productivity, a win-win for employee morale and financial performance. Investment in innovative office technology shows ROI through improved collaboration and greater efficiency across the board.  

However, transitioning into this new era creates challenges, such as coordinating hybrid teams, ensuring adequate communication, and maintaining team engagement over potentially disparate spaces.  

Communicating in a New Hybrid Era 

Creston’s report, “Tackling the Modern Workplace by the Numbers”, is based on a survey of more than 800 mid-level employees and over 500 IT leaders on “employee behaviors and preferences in a hybrid workplace, the tools and solutions they are currently lacking, and what employers are (and could be) doing to enable effective collaboration remotely and in-office.”   

Due to the increase in remote and hybrid office spaces, the workplace environment needs to prioritize flexible and scalable technology solutions that allow collaboration and platform continuity regardless of where employees work.

The study found employees evenly divided over their preferred ways of interacting with each other:

  • 32% of employees prefer collaborating with colleagues virtually.
  • 28% say they prefer being in person.
  • 28% said it depends on the type of meeting.
  • 12% had no preference.

The study suggests that organizations need to resolve common complications in their hybrid workplaces, including:

  • Employees working virtually say poor audio quality is their most common obstacle (28%).
  • In contrast, those in the office say the most common obstacle is too many in-room distractions (25%).
  • Over 60% of survey respondents say being unable to see and engage with in-room or remote participants negatively affects their meeting experience.

The survey indicates that organizations may need to improve their collaborative technology to accommodate employees in a range of work environments: 

  • 89% of IT leaders say they provide remote workers with a laptop. 
  • Approximately 50% say they provide mobile phones, headsets, and webcams.  
  • Only 38% of IT leaders say their organization has a standard collaboration platform for all employees (ex: Microsoft Teams®, Slack®, or Zoom® Software).

An effective hybrid workplace cultivates an environment where employees are comfortable, productive, and efficient, whether at home or in the office. A successful workplace uses the best tools and conditions based on the size of a room, the number of participants, and the appropriate AV systems, including how to arrange the audio system and the cameras.  

Providing AV Systems Hybrid Solutions 

“We aim to utilize our expertise to ease the discomfort of this transition and bring forth optimal work solutions,” said Jeff Bethke, Chief Business Officer of Level 3 Audiovisual.

Level 3 Audiovisual offers hybrid work solutions to resolve the challenges of the remote-to-hybrid transition. The company has served as the lead AV systems integrator and solutions provider for clients as diverse as Chase Bank, Amex, Visa, eBay, New York University, and Mayo Clinic, with over 2,000 projects completed in 22 countries.

Level 3 Audiovisual focuses on AV technology solutions with its Evolve methodology, developed to illuminate potential issues and alleviate problems. The methodology begins with a holistic review of a business’ AV infrastructure and company goals to understand their current environment and identify improvements. Next, Level 3 Audiovisual develops a roadmap to remove antiquated technology and inefficiencies in a business’ AV environment. Finally, the team at Level 3 Audiovisual elevates the company’s long-term technology lifecycle strategy in order to empower the organization to reach the best potential for years to come.

For organizations operating in a hybrid setup, Level 3 Audiovisual distinguishes itself by offering a range of unique services, including AV as a Service, AV9000 Quality Standards, AV Architecture Management, and more. These services are aimed at delivering exceptional AV solutions and seamless integration for organizations globally.  

“We are excited to continue facilitating the transition to the hybrid workplace with Level 3 Audiovisual,” said Lauren Simmen, director of Product Marketing at Crestron.  

As one of Level 3 Audiovisual’s primary partners, Crestron manufactures AV and collaboration technology which includes intelligent video conferencing, digital content distribution, and smart home systems, as well as control and management technology. Unified communications systems, like Crestron Flex, can include native video conferencing with Zoom or Microsoft Teams software, enable content sharing, integrate with room scheduling, and power smart room control.

As companies embrace the future of hybrid workplaces, Level 3 Audiovisual's partnership with Crestron channels new-age AV solutions to provide an inclusive and empowering workspace for all. For more information, please visit https://level3av.com/hybrid-workplace.

About Level 3 Audiovisual:

Level 3 Audiovisual is a global AV services leader with a mission: to help individuals and organizations reach their greatest potential. Its dedication to this mission is exemplified by being one of only four AV9000 Quality Management Compliant system-certified companies in the world. Its offerings include the comprehensive strategy, design, deployment and support of audiovisual systems, as well as AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS), allowing customers to subscribe to meeting spaces or classrooms and forget about maintenance, upgrades, and support. For global organizations, it offers its proprietary Enterprise Program Management (EPM) solution, a managed service purpose-built to define and augment a global enterprise's audiovisual and meeting room program, focused specifically on centralized management of the architecture, deployment, and continued success of meeting room systems. As a thought leader in the industry, Level 3 Audiovisual continues pushing the boundaries of AV/IT and offering increasing value for its customers while sharing its knowledge with its peers.

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