April14 , 2024

Members of Collaborative Divorce Vermont Are Featured on The Respectful Divorce Podcast


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Divorce With Respect Week 2024 will run from March 4-8

On the newest episode of The Respectful Divorce Podcast, members of Collaborative Divorce Vermont talk Collaborative Divorce, a better way to untie the knot.

VERMONT, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Divorce professionals from Collaborative Divorce Vermont recently joined Tim Crouch, host of The Respectful Divorce Podcast, to discuss the ins and outs of Collaborative Divorce. On this episode, attorney Michelle Tarnelli, financial analyst Michelle Cortez Harkins, and mental health professionals Rebecca Ruid and Richard Witte talk about their individual roles in executing a successful Collaborative Divorce process.

During the podcast, they described first being attracted to the Collaborative Divorce process because of the process’ voluntary and self-paced nature. Mental health professionals Witte and Ruid noted that facilitating conversations between the separating couple minimized potential damage to children involved and allowed clients the opportunity to move on with their lives more easily.

“There’s a level of trust the professionals have where we are committed to transparency and full financial disclosure and really working towards something that is fair and equitable.” Michelle Tarnelli said.

Collaborative Divorce Vermont is an interdisciplinary collective of attorneys, mental health professionals and financial specialists dedicated to helping couples navigate the legal, financial and emotional hurdles that come with divorcing. The group is taking part in this year’s Divorce With Respect Week, a national effort to promote the Collaborative Process as a better way to untie the knot.

To listen to this and all other episodes of The Respectful Divorce Podcast, visit The Respectful Divorce Podcast website. The Respectful Divorce Podcast provides advice from divorce professionals nationwide on better ways to untie the knot.

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