April14 , 2024

Messari Founder and CEO Ryan Selkis Publishes Theses for 2024


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The seventh annual report highlights his predictions and insights for the crypto industry’s year ahead.

NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Messari, a leading provider of digital asset markets intelligence products, today announced the release of the Messari Theses 2024, the seventh iteration of its founder and CEO Ryan Selkis’ annual report. This year’s publication forecasts that after a year of industry shake-ups and uncertainty, 2024 will see crypto‘s path becoming clearer as it demonstrates its utility on the cutting edge of tech.

The report covers critical 2023 developments and people to watch, and highlights the following narratives:

  • Crypto is political now, and 2024 will prove just how much so: In the year ahead, the industry needs to remain steadfast and understand that regulators, in the U.S. and worldwide, hold tremendous power to make or break essential crypto functionality, and win or lose this industry for their respective nations. The U.S. is crypto‘s most important and winnable battleground, if enough industry leaders have the will to fight.
  • Bitcoin, stablecoins, and CBDCs take center stage: Bitcoin has been, and will remain in 2024, the Godzilla of finance. Algorithmic stablecoins might be out of favor right now, but there’s still reason to remain excited about their potential in the upcoming year. At the same time, we can expect retail-focused CBDCs to have the same near-term impact as meme coins.
  • CeFi returns to the business of crypto infrastructure: 2023 was a mercifully quiet year for centralized crypto financial services, compared to the credit contagion of 2022. As many institutions are re-committing to their entrance into the space, the promises and impact of CeFi and institutional crypto might necessitate a standalone report in the year to come.
  • Competition between Layer-1s: While Ethereum had a big year with its long-awaited Shapella upgrade and its “rollup-centric” vision of the future, we live in a multi-blockchain world today, and compatibility and interoperability are more important than any one network or roadmap.
  • DeFi‘s incredible headroom for growth: The move towards a more regulated DeFi landscape will ignite the beginning of a gradual, multi-decade technical upgrade, not dissimilar to how financial firms adapted to the internet.
  • The ownership economy is here to stay: While crypto consumer applications are often referred to as “nice to haves,” these “toys” are critically important bits of infrastructure to get right. Consumer crypto is booming, even if the past year’s prices and sentiment suggest otherwise.
  • The strides peer-to-peer infrastructure has taken: The early crypto wallets seem rudimentary compared to the breakthroughs of 2023, marking a crucial turning point in crypto adoption. This past year’s DAO governance challenges will be remembered as indicative of an era predating legal frameworks and effective community tools. Props will be due to DePIN for building us parallel hardware infrastructure.
  • The killer apps demonstrating bear markets are for building: From Messari products to Farcaster to JPMorgan’s Project Guardian, innovations like these prove that cyclic downturns can still be impressively productive.

“Amidst a grueling year, this report stands as a testament to the relentless commitment of our research team and reinforces why I remain perma-bullish on this technology and this community,” said Ryan Selkis, Messari founder and CEO. “While the past twelve months proved to be another challenging cycle, the builders laid the foundation for crypto‘s next phase of adoption. This report celebrates the builders.”

The report will be exclusively accessible to Messari Pro and Enterprise subscribers at launch and will become available to the public in January 2024. For a limited time, Messari is offering all new Pro subscribers an exclusive 50% discount on a yearly Messari Pro subscription. For the full report, visit messari.io/crypto-theses-for-2024.

About Messari:

Founded in 2018, Messari is the leading provider of digital asset markets intelligence products that help professionals navigate digital assets/Web3 with confidence. The company brings transparency and smarter qualitative and quantitative analytics to the industry by combining a global research database with a comprehensive suite of data visualization and asset discovery tools. Messari helps drive smarter participation in digital assets from individuals and institutions alike. Learn more at messari.io.

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