July12 , 2024

New Analytics Report on Customer Interactions Released by Zadarma and ContactBabel


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New Analytics Report on Customer Interactions Released by Zadarma and ContactBabel

Research Proves The Importance of AI-based Customer Interaction Call Analytics

Unveiling Insights: Zadarma’s Sponsorship of Inner Circle Guides Delivers Pioneering Research on Customer Interaction Analytics

data shows that in most analytics use cases, around 60% of respondents stated that it was “very useful” with 25-30% saying that it was “somewhat useful””

— ContactBabel

LONDON, UK, December 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Inner Circle Guides offer a series of useful analytical research reports investigating key customer contact solutions and business issues. These reports aim to give a detailed and definitive view of the reality of implementing and using such technologies, how best to address these issues, and a view on what the future holds. Most recently Zadarma has sponsored Inner Circle Guides, to deliver research conducted by ContactBabel on Customer Interactions Analytics. Zadarma provides VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) powered communication technologies to businesses, globally. Zadarma offers AI enabled analytics as part of their VoIP solution, such as speech recognition and speech analytics.

VoIP and artificial intelligence stand out as rapidly evolving technologies. AI has fundamentally revolutionized various dimensions of business processes. Similarly VoIP enabled AI analytics are transforming the landscape of communication. The recent ContactBabel report explores customer interaction analytics solutions and the business insight and opportunities they can provide, allowing organizations to improve operational efficiency, and optimize and develop call agent performance. The research paper reviews how customer AI analytic innovations have unmistakably demonstrated their potential to redefine conventional communication business models, particularly those within call centers. Consequently the research explores the amalgamation of the prowess of AI through the benefits of VoIP, as a cost effective, unified communication solution.

Speech analytics is a VoIP enabled analytics tool, providing the ability of an artificial intelligence engine to transcribe and analyze your calls, allowing you to effectively listen to each inbound phone call. Speech recognition is another example of an AI enabled tool, that recognizes voice commands to delegate actions, instead of manually typing the command. The research paper mentions how real-time speech-to-text is proving essential for businesses, such as call centers, that need transcripts of conversations instantly.

The research paper discusses the flexibility of customer interaction analytics. Depending on how analytics is used, it can assist with a range of business optimization tasks. This includes improving call handling performance, call quality assurance, and optimizing business processes. The reports reference various charts and statistics, concluding that many call centers are utilizing AI enabled call analytics, and furthermore are seeing improvements in operational performance.

Speech analytics is most commonly used in call center environments to provide rapid analysis of recorded calls to gather vital customer information. Speech analytics has proven to increase call and deal conversion rates. As the report justifies, these call management AI enabled tools are providing visibility around call analytics data. This allows managers to quickly and easily analyze the efficiency of calls, the quality of calls, and the repeat rates around returning customer calls. Customer interaction insights can be leveraged to inform significant sales and customer service improvements.

The research paper touches on the positive adoption of interaction analytics. Given the remarkable capabilities inherent in the pairing of VoIP and AI enabled technologies, it is only logical to anticipate a continued surge in the adoption of such technologies in the future. Research can be read and download by the link https://zadarma.com/downloads/ICG_CIA_ZADARMA_UK.pdf.

Delve into the detail of the Customer Interactions Analytics Research Report by ContactBabel, to understand the ways in which VoIP and AI are currently reshaping the realm of business communication.

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