June16 , 2024

PerfectScale Introduces Carbon Emission Visibility for AWS, Azure, and GCP Kubernetes Environments


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PerfectScale surfaces cluster-level carbon emission trends with insights that improve applications’ environmental sustainability

MORRISVILLE, NC, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — PerfectScale, an innovation leader in Kubernetes optimization, has released capabilities that allow you to visualize, track, and reduce the carbon impact of Kubernetes clusters running in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. With the platform’s capacity to eliminate cloud waste, enterprises gain the power to reduce costs and enhance the overall environmental sustainability of their applications

The fast-paced adoption of Kubernetes has resulted in a drastic rise in demand for cloud computing resources and services, which are now considered a direct contributor to climate change. Given the tightening carbon emission regulations in Europe and North America, coupled with numerous enterprises actively striving to cut down their overall carbon footprint, it is no surprise that Gartner listed sustainable technology as one of the Top 10 Tech Trends of 2024. The same report predicts that a quarter of C-level executives will have “their compensation linked to the impact of sustainable technology by 2027.” Yet, in the realm of multi-cloud, highly distributed Kubernetes environments, quantifying an application’s carbon footprint has become a formidable task. Understanding the actions that can effectively reduce emissions without sacrificing the application’s quality of service is even more challenging.

“As part of our goal to become net-zero by 2030, our team was looking for ways to reveal carbon emissions data to our engineering teams,” said Nicholas “Donnie” Laughton, Engineering Manager at Recursion Pharmaceuticals. “We wanted to build an internal metric for ‘carbon spend’ that we could expose via our observability platform, in the same way that teams could explore other consumption metrics like cloud spend. Imagine our excitement when we discovered that PerfectScale was already implementing this exact feature.”

PerfectScale’s Kubernetes Optimization and Management Platform is addressing these challenges head-on by providing environment-wide and cluster-level carbon emission metrics and trending analysis from the industry’s three major cloud providers. Additionally, the platform recommends or takes automated actions to eliminate wasted Kubernetes cloud resources, reducing both cloud expenses and carbon footprint. This further cements PerfectScale’s position as the industry’s top-tier Kubernetes operation and optimization solution, guaranteeing cost-effectiveness, desired resiliency, and environmental sustainability for every cluster.

“Improving the environmental sustainability of Kubernetes is something the entire team at PerfectScale is passionate about,” said Eli Birger, CTO and Co-founder of PerfectScale. “By making Kubernetes optimization a simplified, automated process, we are enabling organizations to make a major impact on carbon emission levels that will make a lasting impact on the world we live in.”

To ensure organizations of any size get a clear picture of their environment’s carbon footprint, PerfectScale’s carbon emission visibility is available in a commitment-free 30-day trial. For more information about PerfectScale and its innovative approach to Kubernetes optimization and environmental sustainability, please visit www.perfectscale.io.

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About PerfectScale

PerfectScale’s Kubernetes (K8s) Optimization and Management Platform makes it easy for DevOps, Platform Engineering, and SRE professionals to improve the cost-effectiveness and stability of their complete K8s environment. As the industry’s only production-ready automation solution, K8s environments are safely and effortlessly right-sized for peak resilience and availability, to eliminate wasted resources and cost, and to minimize carbon emissions. As a 2023 Gartner Cool Vendor for Container Management, PerfectScale continuously optimizes every layer of your K8s stack, guaranteeing your environment is always perfectly scalable to meet demand.

PerfectScale is available in a free, no-commitment, 30-day trial. It takes only minutes to deploy and instantly starts cutting K8s costs and boosting performance, all with a minimal footprint on your environment. Get started today at perfectscale.io!

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