April20 , 2024

Sharifah Hardie’s Campaign Heats Up with New Merchandise for California Governor Run


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I am excited to introduce our campaign merchandise as a way for my supporters to be a part of this journey with me”

— Sharifah Hardie

LONG BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sharifah Hardie, a prominent business consultant and media personality, has recently announced her intent to run for California Governor in the 2026 election. With her campaign gaining momentum, Hardie has now added a new element to her strategy – campaign merchandise. The merchandise not only serves as a way to support Hardie’s campaign, but also allows her supporters to be a part of her journey and spread her message of hope to California residents.

Hardie’s campaign merchandise includes t-shirts, hats, and stickers featuring her campaign logo. The merchandise is available for purchase on her campaign website (https://www.SharifahHardieForGovernor.com), with a portion of the proceeds going towards supporting her campaign. Hardie believes that the merchandise is more than just a way to raise funds, but also a way to show support and unity for her campaign.

“I am excited to introduce our campaign merchandise as a way for my supporters to be a part of this journey with me,” said Hardie. “It’s not just about the funds, but also about the message and the support that comes with it. I want to create a movement of hope and positivity for California, and the merchandise is a great way to spread that message.”

Hardie’s campaign has already gained significant attention and support from California residents, with her message of inclusivity and progress resonating with many. The addition of campaign merchandise is expected to further boost her campaign and bring more people on board.

As Hardie continues to gain momentum in her campaign, the merchandise serves as a tangible way for her supporters to show their support and be a part of her journey towards a better California. With the 2026 election still a few years away, it will be interesting to see how Hardie’s campaign evolves and how her merchandise plays a role in it.

For more information on Sharifah Hardie’s campaign and to purchase campaign merchandise, visit her website at https://www.SharifahHardieForGovernor.com.

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