April14 , 2024

Sirqul Welcomes Orson as New Strategic Alliance Partner


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Sirqul Strategic Alliance Program now includes Orson

Orson is Sirqul’s new Alliance Partner Combining Orson’s Story-as-a-Service, automated directing and generative AI engine with Sirqul’s engagement solutions.

SEATTLE, WA, USA, February 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sirqul announced today that Orson, a Florida based company that combines automated director led interviews with automated video capture, editing and assembly to democratize decades of experience in unscripted television and empower users to capture their stories in compelling videos to build and deepen connections, will join it’s Strategic Alliance Program. Both companies will work together to integrate Orson’s capabilities into Sirqul’s wide array of industry leading white-label solutions beginning with GrupZoo, a social location-based mobile and responsive web offering, and Edwin, an interactive media-based and engaging rewards solution for learning and certified training/onboarding.

Sirqul has been building unique capabilities with its Strategic Alliance Partners since 2012 and chooses only a few companies to add to the Alliance per year. Companies must have market-leading, innovative, and complementary solutions that enhance and create a mutually beneficial partnership by augmenting existing Sirqul solutions that greatly improve consumer and business experiences for customers. By working together under this Strategic Alliance Program partnership, Sirqul and Orson will create unparalleled solutions based upon Orson’s patent pending Story-as-a-Service platform and solutions that can add the power of authentic, user generated content to any app or software platform.

“By working with Orson,” said Robert Frederick, Founder and CEO of Sirqul, “we are excited that we will be able to embed the power of Orson (https://www.heyorson.com) into our existing and future customer solutions. Having the ability to combine AI and Machine Learning with social applications that foster engagement via video solutions is critical, as well as providing tools that score the videos for completeness, value, and virality.”

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize storytelling through our unique AI-driven platform”, said John Ehrhard, CEO and Founder of Orson, “Working alongside Sirqul and its brilliant founder, Robert Frederick, presents an unparalleled opportunity to leverage our complementary strengths. Together, we aim to enhance user engagement and create new, meaningful ways for communities to connect and share their stories. I am confident that this partnership will not only elevate the user experience on both platforms but also set a new standard for innovation in our industries. .”

Sirqul and Orson plan to combine their capabilities to bring a whole new level of engagement, APIs, and solutions for application owners that want custom video generation solutions within their mobile app, responsive websites, and/or kiosk offerings. After utilizing AI and Machine Learning APIs that process captured media, applications that leverage Sirqul’s platform can allow users to preview, share, comment, like, and rate each other’s content to fulfill a plethora of situations from sharing a life-story, documenting how a couple met before an life changing event, onboard members to a private group, team, or business via ice breaker videos, and/or have an influencer have custom videos generated from questions submitted by subscribers and fans.

About Orson

Orson is the first generative AI platform created to enhance human connection by facilitating the sharing of one’s authentic self through video storytelling. Founded in 2020, Orson was developed by unscripted film and TV experts with more than two decades of experience documenting over 50,000 hours of real people’s stories. Using AI-enabled directors and its StoryStrip technology, Orson’s video storytelling process is fully automated and scalable, allowing for powerful narratives and story-driven video to be created through interviews with people. Orson’s Story-as-a-Service was designed to integrate with partner platforms and communities to create product extensions and new revenue streams that increase user engagement and create deeper human connection.

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About Sirqul, Inc

Sirqul (https://sirqul.com) provides an Engagement-as-a-Service Augmented Intelligence of Things Platform that drives engagement, operational efficiency, predictive visualizations, rapid innovation, and new revenue streams for businesses of any size. At the foundation of Sirqul’s platform are 609 APIs, 93 microservices, 3 distinct IoT hardware product offerings, and 30+ customizable native application templates that companies can use to get started on the platform. Sirqul is device, protocol, and cloud-agnostic – fostering an interoperable system for building future-proof API-powered solutions for retail, smart cities, new construction, mobility, logistics, campuses, buildings, entertainment, sports, and more. Books have been written about Sirqul’s mission to make it possible for anyone to quickly build web, mobile, and IoT Applications using their platform and are available upon request.

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