April14 , 2024

Spinnr and Vengo AI Forge New Paths in AI with Shared Creator Economy


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Innovative platforms combine forces to revolutionize social connections and digital companionship, setting a new standard in the AI industry.

Our mission has always been about more than just making connections; it’s about building genuine friendships and ending loneliness around the world.”

— CEO of Spinnr, Jason Sherman

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a groundbreaking move, Spinnr and Vengo AI are disrupting the artificial intelligence and social networking spaces by introducing a unique shared creator economy model. This strategic collaboration is set to redefine how users interact with AI, fostering deeper connections and offering unprecedented personalization in digital companionship.

Their offerings are a direct solution to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Health Crisis: The Loneliness Epidemic. According to Mental Health America (MHA), in 2022, 55% of adults with a mental illness receive no treatment – over 28 million individuals in one study alone. Also, more than 26% of adults across the world have reported feeling lonely, a new 2023 Meta-Gallup survey has found.

Spinnr, renowned for its AI-driven platform that facilitates authentic friendships through personalized video interactions, is expanding its horizons. By leveraging AI, Spinnr connects users based on shared interests, creating a more meaningful social experience. “Our mission has always been about more than just making connections; it’s about building genuine friendships and ending loneliness around the world,” says Jason Sherman, CEO of Spinnr.

Vengo AI, with its large language model, natural language processing, and proprietary datasets with unique conversational training, brings to the table its advanced digital companionship platform. With a focus on empathy and emotional intelligence, Vengo AI’s personas provide members with a sense of belonging and support, addressing the growing issue of social isolation. “Vengo AI is not just artificial intelligence; it’s a friend, mentor, and companion rolled into one,” states Kristin LaSalle, CMO of Spinnr.

The launch introduces a shared creator economy, allowing members and creators to develop and monetize personalized AI companions. This model not only incentivizes creativity but also democratizes the creation of AI personas, making technology more accessible and diverse without the need to have coding skills. “By empowering members to create and earn revenue from their own AI personas, they’re unlocking a world of possibilities,” adds Tim Lemmon, Advisor to Spinnr and former COO of AOL, Yahoo, and Verizon Media.

The platforms are poised to have a significant impact on the AI industry, challenging traditional models of social networking and digital companionship. Perfectly placed within a combined $250 billion market value of two juggernaut industries: social and AI, along with an increasing demand for personalized digital experiences. Spinnr and Vengo AI are at the forefront of a major shift in how people connect online. It’s no wonder Spinnr has been awarded $150,000 in growth credits through the Microsoft Startup Founder Program. In addition, Spinnr is proud to announce that they have also received grants from OpenAI, Stripe, and ElevenLabs.

As Spinnr and Vengo AI venture into this new territory, they’re not just growing their scalable platforms; they’re fostering a community where technology enhances human connections in meaningful ways. This venture marks a milestone in the evolution of AI and social networking, promising a future where technology brings us closer, not just digitally, but emotionally and personally as well. You can join them on their journey by investing on their WeFunder campaign that is now live.

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