February22 , 2024

Suzy Monford Joins Clean Harvest Farms Board of Directors


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Clean Harvest Farms, a Pioneering Start-Up Specializing in Vertical Hydroponic Farming, Announces the Appointment of Suzy Monford to its Board of Directors

Suzy Monford

Suzy Monford, CEO Food Sport, International Retail Advisory, has joined Clean Harvest Farms? Board of Directors.

Clean Harvest Farms, a pioneering start-up specializing in vertical hydroponic farming, announces the appointment of Suzy Monford to its Board of Directors.

Monford brings substantial expertise in sustainable agriculture, food innovation and business leadership. With a deep background in the food industry, Monford has demonstrated a commitment to promoting environmentally conscious practices and fostering innovation within the agricultural sector.

As a member of the Clean Harvest Farms Board of Directors, Monford will play a crucial role in guiding the strategic direction of the company, leveraging her extensive experience to contribute valuable insights and perspectives. Located in Devine, Texas, Clean Harvest Farms aims to revolutionize agriculture by using state-of-the-art vertical hydroponic technology to grow fresh, nutrient-rich produce in a controlled and sustainable environment.

"We are excited to welcome Monford to our Board of Directors," said Michael Seringer, founder and CEO of Clean Harvest Farms. "Suzy's passion for sustainable agriculture and her proven track record in the food industry make her a valuable addition to our team. We believe her strategic vision and commitment to innovation will significantly contribute to the growth and success of Clean Harvest Farms."

"I am honored to be a part of Clean Harvest Farms, a company at the forefront of sustainable agriculture,” Monford said. “I look forward to collaborating with the talented team at Clean Harvest Farms to drive innovation, foster environmental stewardship and contribute to the future of food production."

About Clean Harvest Farms:

Clean Harvest Farms is a Texas-based start-up specializing in vertical hydroponic cultivation. The company is committed to revolutionizing agriculture by harnessing cutting-edge technology to produce fresh, nutrient-dense crops in an environmentally sustainable manner. Clean Harvest Farms aims to provide local communities with access to premium, locally grown produce while minimizing the ecological footprint associated with traditional farming practices.

Contact Information:
Michael Seringer
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