July13 , 2024

Tech Pioneer Rick Inatome to be Knighted by Royal Order of Francis I


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Tech Pioneer Rick Inatome to be Knighted by Royal Order of Francis I

Tech luminary Rick Inatome, Detroit native and entrepreneur, will be knighted by Royal Order of Francis I for philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and social impact

NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rick Inatome, an illustrious entrepreneur, investor, and business leader, has been selected for the prestigious honor of knighthood from the Royal Order of Francis I. The induction ceremony is scheduled for February 11, 6:30 pm, at the Ritz-Carlton Naples, commemorating his exceptional achievements and contributions to society.

The Royal Order of Francis I annually honors a small number of individuals worldwide for their contributions to public life, arts, sciences, literature, letters, and agriculture. Currently serving as the Managing Director of Collegio Partners and Chairman of Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, Inatome is being recognized for his entrepreneurial and humanitarian accomplishments.

A Detroit native, Inatome’s endeavors include leadership roles in organizations such as Henry Ford Hospital, in Detroit, AAA Michigan, Michigan Virtual University, and a multiplicity of other ventures and entities. He is a member of the Computer Hall of Fame and was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. in 1990.

Inatome’s business legacy stands out for his ability to create market-leading entities that seamlessly integrate social utility with economic value. He has served as a valued mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. Having been on the initial advisory boards of Apple and Microsoft and introduced the public and business to the personal computer via an innovative retail distribution channel, Inatome is in the small circle of computer industry trailblazers who has shaped today’s technology environment.

The Royal Order of Francis I has a rich history and internationally recognized status dating back to 1829, when it was founded by King Francesco I (Francis I) of the pre-Italian unification Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Notable past inductees include Leka (Crown Prince of Albania), Margaret Thatcher, and Gerald Grosvenor (6th Duke of Westminster). Inatome will be honored alongside legendary singer Frankie Valli, who is being recognized for his work benefiting children, AIDS and cancer research, and various national and local charities over the past five decades.

Limited tickets for the induction ceremony are available, with proceeds contributing to the Order’s charitable and humanitarian activities. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit https://KnighthoodDamehoodGala24.planningpod.com.

Learn More About Rick Inatome
Rick Inatome is a transformative business leader whose legacy includes being an architect of the digital age. Working with other pioneers such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, he established a disruptive technology distribution channel that introduced the personal computer first to the general public and then to corporate America.

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