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Walliance acquires Lymo, France’s first crowdfunding platform


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Walliance, Italy’s leading Real Estate Crowdfunding platform, officially announces the acquisition of Lymo Finance.

MILAN, ITALY, November 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Walliance, Italy’s leading Real Estate Crowdfunding platform, announces a significant expansion of its activities in the European market by officially announcing the acquisition of Lymo Finance, the first Real Estate Crowdfunding platform founded in France in 2013, which boasts an investment collection of more than 50 million euros.

Lymo, with a strong presence in the French market and a decade-long track record of success, has been chosen by Walliance to consolidate its leadership position in the real estate crowdfunding industry in Europe. This acquisition represents an important strategic move for Walliance, enabling the company to gain faster access to both the highly competitive and complex French market and the consolidated European market more generally.

Walliance CEO Giacomo Bertoldi commented on the acquisition as follows, “We are thrilled to welcome Lymo Finance, a company that shares our vision of democratizing real estate investment through technology, to our group.

Lymo has been a pioneer in the French market and will bring within our group, following incorporation, a profound evolution of our business in the local market.

Equally relevantly, considering that Lymo has always operated in the lending crowdfunding segment, it will be possible to transfer a considerable wealth of knowledge related to this investment and financing product. This transaction allows us to further extend investment opportunities and expand the range of real estate projects in Europe, providing investors with a broader spectrum of opportunities.”

Head of Development for the group’s French market, Lymo co-founder Jean-Bapstiste Vayleaux has been appointed.

Through the incorporation of Lymo Finance into Walliance, the group consolidates more than 160 million euros transacted, about 98,000 registered users, and more than 8,000 investors who made a total of about 41,500 investment transactions.

Progressively, all transactions submitted on Lymo will be made available on the Walliance portal where French investors will be greeted by an assisted account migration process.

Investors will thus have access to a very wide range of investments and be able to build a diversified portfolio of real estate investments, in two of the most dynamic and promising markets in Europe. In fact, France and Italy are the first and fourth largest target markets in Europe, respectively.

Today’s announcement marks a new chapter in the evolution of Real Estate Crowdfunding in Europe and underscores Walliance’s commitment to opening up new opportunities for investors and contributing to the growth of the real estate sector in Italy and France.

DWF Italy with Avv. Luca Lo Po’ and Kramer Levin with Avv. Sébastien Pontillo followed Walliance in all legal aspects to the finalization of the acquisition.

Lymo and the selling party were assisted by the firm Mayer Brown with attorneys Vincent Nedellec and Alban Dorin.

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